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State of the art thermostats

The thermostats that we offer are state-of-the -art. They have full heads up color displays and are extremely easy for you to program. The best part is you can program them from anywhere in the city.

Enjoy a home that is always comfortable

There is almost nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work to a humid or frozen house. We can help you control the temperature in your home even when you aren’t around with Honeywell thermostats.


These units are programmable allowing you to ensure that your home is always the perfect temperature when you get home.

Control your energy costs

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All of our units are offered at fantastic prices.

The installation of a Honeywell thermostat will also help you control your heating and cooling costs saving you money. When you aren’t home, you can make sure that your units don’t kick on. or that if they do they run at a lower temperature.

The features of our thermostats

  • Simple slide switches

  • Smart phone mobile apps

  • Weekday / weekend programs

  • Precise comfort control

  • Full color displays